The story of Oshkico

Boozhoo, Tawny indizhinikaaz.

Hello, my name is Tawny. I am the artist behind Oshkico (Oh-shki-ko). Oshki means new or fresh in the Anishinaabe language, and I wanted to incorporate that word as part of my brand. I am situated in beautiful Northern Ontario.

I have had a love of art since I was a young child. Over the years I've developed my own stories, characters, and worlds based on my love of animals, nature, and cute things. With that passion, I decided to start my own art brand. Making illustrations that bring smiles and joy to others, while also having the challenge to turn my artwork into my own product designs.

I have had a huge inspiration from my love of animals, especially cats. My mascot is based on my childhood calico cat Ninny, who passed away in 2016.

Thank you for reading about me! I appreciate you so much for supporting my work! Chi Miigwetch! (Thank you)

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