The story of Oshkico

Boozhoo, Tawny indizhinikaaz.

Hello, my name is Tawny, I am the artist behind Oshkico (Oh-shki-ko). I am an indigenous artist located in beautiful Northern Ontario.

Oshki means new or fresh in the Anishinaabe language. Growing up in northern Ontario, I have always had easy access to nature. At a very young age I also fell in love with anime, "kawaii" culture, and anime, cosplay & comic conventions.

Being born with a passion for art, over the years I developed my own stories, characters, and worlds based on my love of animals, nature, and cute things. With that passion, I decided to start my own brand. Making products that bring smiles and joy to others, with the added benefit of seeing my art being turned into tangible products. My mascot is based on my childhood calico cat Ninny, who passed away in 2016.

If you are reading this far, thank you. I hope you can feel a little more connected to the artist behind the screen. I appreciate you so much for supporting my work! Miigwetch! (Thank you)

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