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Kawaii Catfe 16" Plush Series Nea the Calico Cat

Kawaii Catfe 16" Plush Series Nea the Calico Cat

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This high quality Plush is 16" in length. Great for cuddling, hugging, and sleeping. Materials: Polyester Minky outer shell, Polyester fibre batting interior.

All plushies are being shipped in compressed packaging, meaning they will arrive flat. When your plushy arrives, take them out of the package and give them time to re-inflate, and to avoid further wrinkles on the fabric.
If your plush contains wrinkles that do not go away, you can remove these by gently using a steam iron on the lowest heat setting. Never use dry heat directly on the plush, this can melt the fibers. 
If you ever accidentally stain or dirty your plush, please hand-wash or use a washing machine on cold-water setting. 
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